Tired of regulatory filings?

Our regul8 solution makes it simple for you.

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By automating the regulatory and statistical reporting process, P&C insurers can save valuable time and money - and reduce risk.


  • Relief from a daunting, complex and time-consuming activity

  • Enhanced data quality (automated reconciliation) and submission accuracy (reduced deficiency fees)

  • Operational efficiencies and reduced costs for the long-term

  • Pre-built interfaces to reporting authorities including IBC, GAA and RSP

  • Out-of-the-box integration to Guidewire

  • Continuous upgrades to meet any new requirement changes

  • Control over the compliance process and regulator audits, with filings completed on-time

Reduce risk

Improve data quality

Gain efficiencies

Lower operational costs

The best part?

We’ve moved to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, so you can avoid the cost of having to maintain an on-premise environment. regul8 operates on the cloud – adopting a serverless architecture to offer scalability, resilience, redundancy and security. All in one shot.

Hubio also provides application management services, handling support and maintenance for the system – so you don’t have to.

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Industry innovator since 2001

Leveraging our strong partnerships across the business, we’ve developed a pre-built accelerator to meet specific requirements for Guidewire PolicyCenter™ insurers. Seamlessly integrate regul8 into your Guidewire InsuranceSuite to effectively manage statistical reporting submissions – and ensure your data is clean.

regul8 in action

Our choice of regul8 was straightforward, ensuring that statistical changes were implemented correctly and on time. We are confident we will achieve both higher data quality and more streamlined operations.

-Kevin Hunter, Head of IT, Zurich Canada

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