How portal adoption can accelerate your digital strategy #ICTC2017

How portal adoption can accelerate your digital strategy #ICTC2017

Agent and Broker Portals are critical components in P&C insurers’ digital strategy. As insurers work to provide an enhanced digital experience across the entire distribution management life cycle, portals are at the centre of the experience.

While almost every insurer has an agent portal in place, we are seeing a rise in modernization as they now seek to replace and upgrade first generation technology that provided only a partial solution to their needs. As noted in EY’s whitepaper entitled Beyond the Agency Portal, “Agent portals have become a hot technology in P&C insurance circles after years of relative neglect.”

At the upcoming 2017 Technology Conference on February 28th, Hubio’s Phil Henville, the Head of Canadian Operations, will speak on the topic in “What Lessons Can Broker-Based Insurers Draw From Direct Carriers?”. One of the key lessons pertains to the direct writer’s creation of a superior digital experience, anchored by a portal that responds to the needs of brokers, policyholders, and potential new customers.

What lessons can we learn from direct carriers?

In the North American market, independent agents and brokers have seen their market share steadily decrease over the past 20+ years as direct writers have invested heavily in their digital presence, and grown their market share. Phil will expand on what are they doing right, and how insurers with an independent broker or agent distribution channel can use technology to compete. He will explore how direct writers have created effective business processes that engage prospects, provide policyholders superior service, and offer the right policies to the right people at the right time and price.

Improve your digital experience

Digital insurance leaders are providing the broker channel with choices that fit with how producers, and CSR’s want to interact with them. This includes technology to handle uploads and downloads from their systems; the creation of staging and viewing areas for review and edit; and a user interface that is user-friendly, easily processed, refined and enhanced.

Our team will be exhibiting at the conference, ready to learn and discuss the importance of new portal technology. Come stop by and discover how Hubio is developing the next generation solution to deliver speed, integration, and an easy-to-use solution.

More than 70% of insurers are replacing or upgrading their portals in order to improve the ease of doing business for an agent [1] – stay ahead, speak to Hubio.

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[1] Celent report: 2016 North American PC Portal Solutions