How can Hubio help Guidewire Customers?

How can Hubio help Guidewire Customers?

As a new Guidewire Solutions partner, we recently attended the Guidewire Connections 2016 conference in San Francisco, California. Everyone we met wanted us to explain what it meant to be a Guidewire partner, and how it could help them.

So what does it mean to be an insurance solution partner?

Alongside our core insurance solutions, we also have award-winning modular solutions that can surround core platforms and work to enhance their capabilities, making life easier and smooth for insurers. Our solutions empower insurers to drive their business growth and work effectively with third-party core solutions like Guidewire’s Insurance suite.

As a result, Hubio sought partnerships, so that these products and services could be used with other vendors. We recently partnered with Guidewire to develop pre-built accelerator solutions for two products – Regulatory Statistical Reporting and Usage Based Insurance (UBI) solutions.

1. Regulatory Statistical Reporting:

Hubio has developed the number one solution for the Canadian market that works with core Policy and Claims systems, and transforms and manages the data to meet regulatory statistical reporting obligations. As market leader, the Hubio solution is proven, reduces risk, and allows insurers to focus on other core activities. Collaborating with Guidewire, Hubio is developing an accelerator that works with native Guidewire code to ensure accurate, timely, fast reporting. With the integration to Guidewire’s platform complete, customers need only worry about the data transfer to the third party system, something Hubio understands completely.

2. Usage Based Insurance:

Having been recognised by PTOLEMUS as a top global telematics provider, we are working with Guidewire to develop an accelerator that enables insurers with Guidewire PolicyCenter to take advantage of Hubio’s award-winning telematics platform.

Telematics is transforming the insurance industry

During his keynote speech at Guidewire Connections, David Stevens, Chief Executive Officer at Admiral hailed telematics as a game changer. He has already seen the impact of telematics data on pricing models and claims experience with Admiral’s UBI program and said: “Never have I come across anything as fundamentally transformative as this.” At Hubio, we understand that this technology has the ability to change every aspect of the insurance value chain as we know it.

Partnerships help us grow

At the conference, Marcus Ryu, CEO at Guidewire highlighted the importance of partnerships for Guidewire and Hubio is very excited to be working with them to develop solutions that help insurers better meet their needs. The partnership currently applies for North America customers but we have already gained interest from global insurers for broader coverage so watch this space!

If you want to learn more, why not get in touch? We’ll explain how the Hubio – Guidewire accelerators can provide enormous value to almost every insurance carrier. Contact us today.