Farm insurance grows through Hubio's portal

Farm insurance grows through Hubio's portal

Farm insurance can make a seriously profitable book with long-term, repeat customers – but the price of loyalty in this competitive market is quality service. Hubio’s Farm Builder portal has been developed to provide insurers with the tools to quote and bind agribusiness with new levels of speed, ease and accuracy.

Trillium Mutual can attest to the benefits – this Canadian insurer has seen its farm portfolio grow by more than 15% last year alone since it gained the ability to record data and generate quotes quickly and remotely. The implementation of the solution, on time and within budget, also resulted in recognition at the Insurance Canada Technology Awards.

Hubio began working with Trillium – which writes personal, automotive, home and small commercial lines, as well as farm insurance – when the insurer recognized that its agriculture business needed a technology boost: much was still being done on paper, which resulted in delays, errors and omissions.

Farm Builder has revolutionized the way insurers like Trillium do business, and was developed after Hubio asked insurers what benefits they would most value from a portal solution. They listed:

  • Speed – the ability to quote and close the deal in person, on location, in minutes

  • Ease of use – making life easy for policyholders and employees/brokers

  • Accuracy – based on formalized underwriting and data requirements

  • More business – a solution that would help generate real commercial growth

These benefits and more are now available to farm insurers such as Trillium, as the company’s Angela Smith confirms: “Our underwriters now start farm transactions in the portal, as it is easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, and stores a complete record of the farm accounts.”

Suitable for multi-site agribusiness policies or family farm insurance, Farm Builder’s flexibility helps widen its effectiveness, with implementation possible straight out of the box or following customization to meet specific needs. It can be integrated with your core systems, while brokers can use it alongside other providers’ operating portals.

Trillium’s use of the Hubio farm portal has helped to significantly grow its portfolio and gain prestigious award recognition alongside much larger providers – contact us today to see how we can help to build your farm insurance proposition.