2020 Q4 - Newsletter

Valued customer,

As we come upon the Autumn months, we wonder at how quickly the summer has passed us this year. For all of us, the first half of the year was overshadowed by COVID-19 and the disruption of financial markets, to our businesses, and to nearly every aspect of life. We hope this message finds you and your families well, and we celebrate each sign of progress as life slowly returns to something more familiar in the second half of the year.

The Hubio team have been working to redeploy our software on new architecture. In early 2018, we first rearchitected collabor8 “cloud”, a revamp of our award-winning Broker/Insurer functionality to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform that provided modern security, stability and performance.

Continuing to mid-2019, our team moved toward redesigning regul8 to leverage containerized technology for automated deployments either on premise or as a SaaS. The initial release of regul8 V10 was in Q4 2019 and featured GISA/IBC automobile reporting. We have since released into production IBC reporting for two customers (both utilizing SaaS architecture) and have two additional projects in flight – one of which includes the Ontario Facility Risk Sharing Pool reporting.

As we develop through the regul8 roadmap, Hubio has also configured Quebec GAA PSA and FCSA reporting on regul8 V10.2 and these are now ready for customer deployment.

In Q4 2020, we plan on releasing Quebec PRR and the various Facility Association Risk Sharing Pool (“RSP”) reporting. Our new regul8 V10.2 release includes:

• Modernized cloud-based architecture o Improved performance / scalability

o Hubio application health monitoring

o Hubio transmission status monitoring

• An intuitive dashboard for use by regulatory compliance staff

• Reconciliation of Customer premium / claim dollar and transaction counts to both source data files and customer general ledger.

With the new architecture comes the opportunity for an improved level of regul8 monitoring by the Hubio Monitoring Team. We are now pleased to be able to offer a higher level of application management to our regul8 customers. For those looking for additional regul8 support, optional turnkey application management services (AMS) and ongoing platform monitoring can be included in the monthly regul8 SAAS subscription fee.

Going forward, all new regul8 implementations and upgrades will be on regul8 V10.X

Effective January 2022, the legacy regul8 will no longer be supported. Over the next 15 months we will be working with our legacy regul8 customers to retire the legacy regul8 and migrate all of our customers onto the upgraded regul8 V10.X. We will be reaching out to each of you over the next few months to discuss best timing for the upgrade.

We are very thankful to our partners and clients who have been supportive and quick to adapt to this new reality with our team. Any questions about upgrades, we’d be happy to hear from you.

David Barber

Vice President, Hubio Technology

M: 647.382.8175 E: David.Barber@Hubio.ca